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Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Mouth and Throat Exercises

Simple and Inexpensive Treatment That You Can Do at Home




In this article you’ll learn about simple sleep apnea exercises that have profound impact on your health.

capture4CPAP is effective in treating sleep apnea by keeping your airways open during the night. However, do you want to sleep with mask for the rest of your life? There are cheaper and much practical ways to treat sleep apnea, without using an uncomfortable CPAP that any doctor would suggest you first.

Many recent studies showed that it’s possible and very effective to improve sleep apnea by using special throat and mouth exercises.

The main problem that needs to be resolved relates to how the muscles relax during sleep. All the muscles from our body get less tone as we fall asleep.

The muscles from our throat – which are designed to keep the throat open – will have similar behavior with the rest of the body: they will relax, tightening or closing your airways.

If you can increase the muscle tone from your throat, your airways will remain open during sleep and you’ll breathe without any effort.


Who Gets Results With Sleep Apnea Exercises?

Working out your throat muscles is the same as working out any other muscle in your body. You need to do it regularly and results will come. Gradually over several days or weeks you will start to notice that you don’t snore as much as you once did.

These exercises should work for anyone.


So what kinds of exercises strengthen the airway?

Fortunately, there are plenty of sleep apnea exercises that will increase the muscle tone of your throat.

Some examples of these exercises are demonstrated by sleep lab medical director Michael Nelson:


Here are the main categories of exercises, for each body area:

  • Tongue exercises:  If the tongue becomes weak it can drop into the throat, causing an airway blockage. Tongue exercises assist in building the tongue’s tone and strength.
  • Jaw exercises: a tense jaw can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea. If the jaw is tight it can place pressure directly on the breathing passages. Jaw exercises will help to loosen and relax the jaw muscles.
  • Throat exercises: weakened throat muscles can collapse during sleep, causing the airway to become blocked. Throat exercises help to build, tone and strengthen the throat muscles. The exercises also open the throat up more to prevent it closing upon sleep.
  • Soft palate exercises: the soft palate muscles located around the base of the tongue relax during sleep. A weak soft palate can flap around and its tip can fall down onto the tongue. The soft palate exercises lift the soft palate up. The exercises also tone and strength the soft palate


How to get started with Exercising?

Well if you don’t have personal instructor and want to exercise on your own it’s greatly recommended to use professional Exercise Program compiled by Marc MacDonald.

You can find his sleep apnea exercise program here

His Sleep Apnea Exercises Program is Step-by-Step Guide showing all the steps needed for proper and effective execution of these exercises.

sleep-apnea-exercise-program-downloadThe program is frequently updated 86 page manual (with step-by-step instructions, and illustrations of the exercises) – it also includes 18 step-by-step videos where you’re shown exactly how to do the exercises. This program also contains case studies of men and women who have successfully cured their sleep apnea for good without using CPAP machines. You’ll discover different types of proven alternative sleep apnea treatments with detailed descriptions.

The reason why this program is so effective is because not only the exercises are perfectly illustrated and easy to understand but the program also covers everything about sleep apnea and shows you every extra possibilities on how to overcome sleep apnea. Every person is different and for everyone something different might help more than for others.

The program contains these extra free bonuses you might want to use to push your treatment further:

  • #1 – “Cure Your Sleep Apnea with Herbs” ebook – herbal therapies that can greatly reduce sleep apnea symptoms and cure insomnia.This 23-page ebook is the most comprehensive resource on herbal therapies for sleep apnea and insomnia available anywhere.
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