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How To Last Longer in bed – Excellent Guide


Premature ejaculation is very common sexual problem facing men mostly under 40. This issue is caused mainly by psychological reasons but sometimes also by physical issues. For example anxiety created by previous health condition that caused difficulty maintaining proper erection can later lead to ejaculating too fast.

How to last longer in a bed is question that is asked a lot. There are countless reasons why it is happening and it’s actually happening to a lot of men. Healthy sexual life is very important and people shouldn’t be embarrassed. Fixing such problem shouldn’t be avoided at all. Lets be honest – every man want to satisfy his woman. These problems may develop very uncomfortable problems in relationship and can go as far as being more depressed, creating additional anxiety problems, relationship problems, self esteem problems. Healthy sex should be part of everyone’s life!


Reasons behind this problem

Early sexual experiences could have impact on future sexual behavior – masturbating in youngsters was often done quickly because of fear getting caught. Some people got used to finish fast. This could apply to what ever sexual behavior evolved in early age.

Men who had strict upbringing, sex after marriage or any sexual restrictions. Also men who started their real sexual life much later when they would like, tend to have problems with premature ejaculation.
Men feels to be expected to last longer – thinking too much about lasting longer is often making everything worse.
Anxiety about sexual performance – this is worst enemy and most important thing to get rid of! But don’t worry everyone can get past it!

Traumatic sexual experiences might have also build sexual problems. There are a lot of potential reasons and we didn’t talk yet about possible biological reasons  but keep in mind that these reasons for premature ejaculation are less common:
-wrong hormone levels
week1-430-wrong levels of brain chemicals(neurotransmitters)
-wrong reflex activity of ejaculatory system
-certain thyroid problems
-inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra

Another physical causes:
-multiple sclerosis
-prostate disease
-high blood pressure

And to not forget, common psychological causes are often connected with depression and stress.


Treating Premature Ejaculation

How to last longer in bed naturally.
Treatments for premature ejaculation may include:

  • Learning to build control over ejaculation – getting to know where is your “point of no return” and push it further
  • Strengthen and build control over muscles in your pelvic floor
  • Tips on how to  prepare for sex
  • Foreplay and how to use it as your advantage for achieving longer sex
  • Secondary option can be sex with 2 ejaculations – mostly uncomfortable but you can learn to erect soon again and have amazing sex. After ejaculation you experience less sensitivity and performance can be much pleasant. You need learn what to do. After first ejaculation sex doesn’t need to stop you just have to play it properly!
  • And most important – clear and confident mind without doubts, getting rid of anxiety if you had trouble with any

These and many many more tips and ways how to find and fix the causes of your premature ejaculation – learning to last longer naturally are described by professionals. There are 2 well known and successful e-books dealing with this problem – if you want to be treated by yourself without a doctor. Many people are uncomfortable talking about this problem to a doctor. Visiting doctors might be more time and money consuming and might lead to pills. If you like natural treatments then continue reading. Pills are never-ending cycle.  They cause various side effects and you can’t stop taking them since you would suffering again.

Last longer in bed naturally- Premature ejaculation treatment programs:

  • The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” – This one is polished really well but the price is really high 
  • Tantra cure – Our pick – Written by HANS HVASS – sex coach and tantra teacher. This guide is normally even more expensive  but we will show you the way how to get it only for 9$ dollars ! They also provide very useful report for free – that might be all you need!

They both explain very similar treatment options excellently. It shouldn’t matter which one you use. They both teach man excellent sexual techniques mainly on how to control your ejaculation. We suggest tantra cure because of it’s really low price(we will show you later how to get it for 9 bucks, it’s easy)
Tantra cure normally costs 197$ and people buy it for that price! That is only showing how good Hans Hvass techniques are.

More about Tantra cure –
 main goal of this plan is long term natural treatment – make your sex last longer or as long as you wish. It doesn’t contain anything like sprays, edging, squeeze technique, pills…

This system will show you:

  • Exercises – both mental and physical
  • What muscles are used in ejaculation – where they are and what they do
  • How you can strengthen and control these muscles
  • How the mind works during intercourse
  • The attitude, mindset and visualizations – you need to finally have a fantastic and fulfilling sex life.
  • How to track your progress
  • Myths about premature ejaculation (example: kegels -these might not be that usefull at all and can even make your situation worse.)
  • How to become more confident in bed
  • How to develop 100% natural control
  • How to please your girlfriend effortlessly and more extras!

How to get Tantra cure for 9 dollars

It’s very simple.

  1. Go to their main page here,  You can scroll at the bottom and you will see that price is 197$ but not for us!
  2. Get back on top of the page and click right on “Get Started – I’ts Free”
  3.  Then let them send you their free report about “Most Common Causes Of Premature Ejaculation (and their cures)”
  4. Check your email, if you can’t find it check your promotions folder or spam folder (depends on your email)
  5. Open the email and then download and open the report
  6. On the last page of report you will find the link where you can buy the product for 9$ dollars – it has also 60 days money back guarantee

Hopefully we were helpful with this page, if you have any questions or if you want to share your experiences then comment below!

Check the official page here – Tantra cure