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Are you repeatedly loading your account to bet more? Want to cash out more? You can join the community guided by professionals. There are a lot of horse betting tipsters to choose from. We will show you few best performing based on last years performances. Some networks provide also free tips. If you want to stop being a casual then join with a professionals and not only you can recieve private tips, you can also learn the principles on how to bet better by analyzing given bets. Soon or later you will understand why are these horse betting tips profitable long-term.

Why horse betting?

Horse races are still not that mainstream globally as for example football betting. Winning on horse races is still easier than on many other bigger sports and you should take your cut from it till you can.


1. Bettinggodslogo-final-16jan

-Free Tips
-Individual tipsters to chose from
-Performance and data avaliable

Bettinggods are best choice if you are just starting with betting tips services. Apparently biggest horse betting service. They offer free daily Betting Tips from Network of Professional Sports Advisors. You can then browse individual tipsters and see their stats so besides free tips you can pick the tipster with good performance and subscribe to him to obtain his best premium horse betting tips. First month is always for one dollar and that is just showing how good they are. They can afford to give you another almost free tips for one month because their results are great. There is also 60 day money back guarantee. You can cancel anytime if you are unsure about anything but there shouldn’t be any problem. Also another thing why we like them is the fact that they are not hiding anything and their results are available on their website to see.



2. Bet Alchemistbetalchemist-logo

-Free Tips on saturday
-Performance available to see
-Great long term results

image002Bet Alchemist betting tips are there from year 2013 and performance is good and strong. Great simple alternative to bettinggods if you don’t like to analyze individual tipsters and if you are not sure who to chose then betalchemist provide solid tips straight away. Betalchemists results are not that aggresive high but are showing strong positive results longterm. Some people use this service as simple investment.

Check Bet Alchemist site here


3. Beat The Competitionlogo

-No free tips
-Great performance

Another known and legit alternative. They do not provide free tips any more but we believe we should still mention them. This service is simplest ever. There isn’t any membership or what ever. You just subscribe and recieve tips with great performance. Their results are good but they are not showing real tip history publicly. You can check their month performance bot not single bets.
2013: +271.79pts
2014: +288.23pts
2015: +201.61pts

Check here – Beat The Competition


Hopefully we were helpful. We wish you the best luck with your betting.