Fancy treats that are good for you?


100 Healthy raw Snacks And Treats

Great but expensive! This is our review of a recipe book called 100 Healthy raw Snacks And Treats and it's awesome! From addiction to sweets to healthy life stile without regrets. These recipes will give you raw treats that taste like the ones in a fancy coffee shops and are good for you.



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Can Delicious Snacks Actually Be Good For You?

Remember sneaking into the kitchen when you were young to steal a snack when mom was not looking? Well, those days might be over if ex-bodybuilding champion Carolyn Hansen gets her way. She has come up with a set of 100 snack recipes that will have mothers everywhere positively encouraging their children to dig in.


The reason? The ingredients. No sugar, flour, or butter to be found in these recipes – just raw healthy foods that Hansen likes to call living. No cooking either, which makes preparation a snap. When You Have A Blender, Who Needs A Stove?

What’s best about this is that you can seriously snack these all the time! It’s healthy and nutritious. You can easily pack some to your work or trip. You can eat them on a breakfast if you want.


At first glance you might be tempted to think that snacks prepared without sugar and butter might taste like    the experimental designs that mom came up with in your youth when she ran low on those items and could not get to the store. If you share the same memories of those bold snack alternatives that I do you might be quick to dismiss the idea of a tasty snack that foregoes the ingredients that we know contribute to chronic disease in later life. Too much sugar and butter in the diet are prime causes of obsesity, diabetes, and coronary disease.

So, if you want to get your hands on recipes for snacks and treats that you will not need to feel guilty about eating the next time you have a craving for something delicious, be sure to check out Carolyn Hansen’s book 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats, where she shows you how to take control of your blender and churn out mouth-watering snacks that will have the kids in your neighborhood lined up around the block for a sample.


So why would you want to prepare these instead of typical sugar butter sweets?


-They taste really good

-These are healthy

-All recipes serve as sweets, treats and snacks for you

-You can eat much more of these without regrets

-Snacks – again it’s just so good to have prepared snacks and to not eat junk food if you get hungry or get a cravings



-Some recipes might be a bit hard to prepare

-some recipes are a little more expensive than usual sugar butter recipes


Yes of course some recipes might be a bit tricky but after 1st try you wont have a problem repeating it. Some ingredients are more expensive but it’s up to you what you put into your body, think about it as an investment to yourself.


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